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Jezisovo nanebovstupenie STOPY

6. 11. 2011

Koncom 4.storocia na Olivovej hore bola vybudovana kaplnka. V strede kaplnky je kamen, na ktorom su stopy cloveka. Podla krestanskej tradicie  su to stopy Jezisa Krista , ktore vraj Pan Jezis zanechal pred jeho nanebovstupenimn do neba.


The footprints of Christ and apostles speaking 'in tongues'

At the end of the fourth century a chapel was erected on the Mount of Olives. At its centre it has a rock, believed to show the footprints Christ left there when he was taken up to heaven. Many illuminations depicting the Ascension illustrate this tradition, as does the one shown above. Some 90 of our illuminated manuscripts contain a picture of Pentecost like the one included here. Rarely do we see the apostles begin their travels to spread the gospel to the world.